Pierre Khoury


Pierre Khoury

is a Syrian dancer who earned great reputation through his charisma and technique, specializing in classic oriental, dabke and whirling He trained along mentor Khadija Jabiry. Being a psychology teacher, he uses his academic training in dance coaching. He specializes in choreographing oriental pieces with arabic interpretation, hence a thematic workshop’ series called ‘Arabitude’. He was featured as a judge for oriental dance competitions in the Montreal community and continues to strive as a dancer and choreographer.


Raqs Sharqi Choreography: Zay el Hawa - 1.5hr
Sunday 12:30pm-2pm

Sunday 12:30pm-2pm $35 before June 15th / $40 after Return to the classics with this choreography on the original version of Zay el Hawa. Zay el hawa (Like Love) Talks about the excitement of spending a magical night and the fear of this new found love and passion. All movement will be accompanied with a description of feelings and interpretation according to song meaning and lyrics.

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