Maria Sokolova


04:30 pm - 06:30 pm Saturday June 30, 2018, $45 before June 1st/$50 at the door

Join Maria for this fun and energetic dance style! Learn Sa'idi movements, footwork, cane tricks, and fabulous combos! Bring a cane (some available to borrow).registration

Maria Sokolova

READING THE MUSIC (Music Interpretation)

11:00 - 12:30 am Sunday July 1, 2018 $40 before June 1st/$45 at the door

Learn to read the music like reading a book in order to improve musicality and choreographing skills! Coordinate your moves to musical instruments, expressions to musiс moods, and create high contrast & interesting choreography! registration

Aubre Hill


01:00 pm - 02:30 pm Sunday July 1, 2018, $35 before June 1st/$40 at the door

Explore the various muscles around the hip and how to create different hip techniques. Aubre will give dancers a variety of exercises and movement explorations to open up the idea of hipwork anatomy and how this translated to different styles of bellydance. Perfect for all styles of Belly Dance! registration

Courtney Duchardt

I'M WITH THE BAND (Finger Cymbals)

09:00 am - 10:30 pm Sunday July 1, 2018, $35 before June 1st/$40 at the door

Dancing with zills (finger cymbals), is one of the most iconic images related to belly dance. Courtney will go over drills and exercises to build stamina, agility, and musicality to allow your finger cymbals to truly become another instrument in the band.registration


EXTENSION, LINES & LEVELS - Using classical dance technique to enhance your bellydance.

1030 am - 1200 pm Saturday June 30, 2018, $35 before June 1st/$40 at the door

All the way from Iowa, Innah will go over the stretching technique and work with foundational classical moves that will enhance your dance and follow with a fun, short Modern Arabic choreography to incorporate these ideas. Use your body to your benefit while understanding lines and variety in dance and get gentle, professional tips for stretching to show he depth and variety of movements. registration

Faisal Zedan


10:30 am - 01:30 pm Sunday July 1, 2018, $45 before June 1st/$50 at the door

Faisal will spend the first half of the workshop on Arabic Derbekki technique for both inexperienced and experienced drummers to improve the quality and consistency of sounds. The second half of the workshop will be spent on learning a short drum solo (song) witch can be played with basic technique or embellished with advanced technique for more experienced players. Come ready to learn and play! Leave with better sense of technique, rhythms, and how to structure a drum piece. registration